The Mental Podcast

So, The Mental Podcast came about when I was getting fed up writing a book about mental health and thought there must be an easier way of discussing all that sort of stuff. Turns out there wasn’t, but I only realised that way too far into the process. The Mental Podcast was put together between June and December of 2016 using a selection of interviews plus my additional narration. It’s a collage of discussions about mental health and mental well-being that I’ve tried to make into a coherent series. The production process has been like somebody tearing every page out of an un-numbered thousand-page book, mixing them all up and then giving them back to me with the instruction to put them back together. I have done my best to get it to make sense.

I, and others, got very preoccupied at certain points as to what this was for. What was its purpose? Well, like all the podcasts I’ve ever produced, there wasn’t specifically one. I’m sure it’s educational on some levels, am sure it’s potentially helpful on some levels, am sure it has moments of clarity and moments of confusion, its occasionally funny, it’s occasionally sad, but overall, it is a group of very different guests giving their take on a group of different topics, glued together by my own contributions. Take it as whatever it seems to be for you. It’s important you know though, if you are familiar with my previous podcast work, this is very different. I don’t want tweets telling me it’s heavy going, I’ve been listening to it over and over for two months, I fucking know it is mate. Proud of it though.


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