Frank Sidebottom Figure & Fantastic Shed Diorama

Goodness I miss Frank Sidebottom, and this is the first of two pieces I made featuring Timperley’s favourite son. It’s also another project that is due a revisit as, with passage of time, I’ve become very aware that the head of the figure is out of scale. It passes if you think back to your memory of Sidebottom, but on closer inspection it’s too large. His head in real life (as real life as papier mache/fibreglass can be) was deceptively small. My current resistance to revisiting and amending this is that the original was the project that wouldn’t quit, and I feel it will never be finished. I added and added to the diorama, and still think it could do with even more oddities and Easter Eggs cramped into the space. The scope of potential items from Frank’s showbiz life would mean it’d be a long time before I ran out of stuff to add. I really like that there’s a framed picture of the man beneath the head, Chris Sievey, on the wall as well as some posters of The Freshies, the band he was in that Frank Sidebottom started as a superfan of (it’s very complicated).