A Levels Results

There’ll have been a fair few tears yesterday – some sad, some of joy, every last one of them would have been unnoticed by someone my age had it not been for the invention of social media. That’s how relevant my A Level grades are right now.   Yesterday, as I have the last couple […]

Fringe Blog 11

Right, where were we? So in the post before last I’d been banging on about audience complicity, and how with comedy in particular there often needs to be work done on the part of the audience, it’s not really a genre that can always operate on a completely impassive position from the viewer.  Despite this, […]

Fringe Blog 10

A brief diversion today if you shall indulge me. This is going to be a difficult write for me so perhaps a difficult read for you, I’ve no issue with you skipping today, there’s already a great deal of sadness knocking about and an overwhelming outpouring of emotion and opinion on what I’m going to […]

Fringe Blog 9

A couple of days before I ventured up here for the Fringe I had to fly over to Jersey to do a gig.  Now, in fairness, it wasn’t a good move, it had just been in the diary for ages and I’d not really taken on board what an upheaval it would be to have […]

Fringe Blog 8

The sordid destructive world of reviews is now in full flow up here, and every year a new spanner gets thrown in the works as most of us desperately try to avoid them. I’ll be honest, there perhaps won’t be anything groundbreaking about what I say in this today, to the comics who read this […]

Fringe Blog 7

I never said I was going to write a fringe blog every day.  Where did I say that?  I always knew there would be days that I wouldn’t get to write it and I always knew the reason why… my fucking kidneys. Last year I went into A&E with severe kidney pain whilst up here, […]

Fringe Blog 6

As anyone who follows me will know I am brilliant at Twitter.  I get the tone just right, am funny and concise and don’t get drawn in to rows or tweet about personal stuff.  It’s an excellent promotional tool that I use to full potential in selling myself.  And that was a joke for the […]

Fringe Blog 5

I’ve done some proper stupid things this year.  I mean, not only this year but in my life, just particularly this year.  I’ve had a self-destructive thing going on that’s been encouraged by certain elements in my life who have deemed me unworthy of any level of intervention or even acknowledgement.  There we go, what […]

Fringe Blog 4

Well, this is rather early in the fringe for it to all be kicking off over posters. I went out the other morning to have coffee with my not-girlfriend Angela Barnes and we passed a lampost advert (them big cardboard ones that are wrapped around lamposts) of a well-known comedian who shall remain nameless. Actually […]

Fringe Blog 3

I’m not sleeping.  Not sleeping is not good. Now, it’s not as if this is a new thing in my life, I’ve been a night owl for as long as I can remember – there are exciting things going on at night if you know which dark corner to poke about in, but in the […]