Hello and welcome to my website, where you can find out all the latest news about what I’m doing as a…whatever it is I am now…

I used to be a comedian but I didn’t really want to do that any more, and there’s no point doing stuff you don’t want to do eh? So this website is now an overview of all the various projects I’ve got on the go. There’s stuff about my podcasts, including future ones in production, updates about the movie I am directing, and some detailed bits about my art projects. Let’s keep it as a kind of scrapbook of stuff I’m doing, maybe shove a bit of writing in from time to time, anything but a list of gigs, head shots and press quotes. I think we know each other a bit better than that now right? No need to be so formal about it all.

Have a nosey, and I’ll try and add stuff on here regularly enough for you to want to come back. I could do with somewhere to get everything in one place, so it’s as much for me as it is for you to be honest.